Sunday, March 1, 2015

February Burda Challenge Completed


These are sweat pants from the March 2014 issue that I made into pjs using fabric from my stash. I removed the cuffs and shortened the legs and miscalculated. So I have to add a cuff back in - in a different fabric. Also I omitted the pockets. Here is the link to these (I plan to make the cardigan on this page too).

I used a shirting cotton - I only had a little over a metre so I really had to 'measure twice and cut once'

I added these cuffs - from an old sheet that I have since used a muslin but luckily I had a little left over to add length to these pjs

Ta -da! February Burda Challenge Completed.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Goodbye Mr Spock, Spring 2015 Ottobre and A Burda Magazine Winner (but not in that order)

The Vintage Burda Magazine winner is...........Nhi. I'll send you an email shortly and post your Burda mag on Monday. I'll post the next vintage Burda magazine contest in a few weeks....

Today I received my issue of Ottobre Magazine and here is a preview:

This is definitely my favourite issue so far ...I've only been subscribing for a couple of years and I tend to like their designs....

And I couldn't let the day go without mentioning Mr Spock:
View image on Twitter

Spock your $5 dollar bills....

Leonard Nimoy is gone and it hits me hard. I am a big fan. I feel a Star Trek weekend coming tribute

A friend and I have a running list of would-be-next-dead celebrities and while William Shatner is on that list, Leonard Nimoy never was...(Jimmy Carter, Phil Donahue, Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth are prominent on the list though).
It's a strange pass time.

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

My Thread Holder - An Old Mettler Thread Case

 My thread usually sits in various small containers or in a drawer. And I never know what colours I have. I've looked and looked for different thread options - but they are ridiculously priced or they don't fit many spools.

This is nice but it's a bit fussy for me. I need to be able to see my thread and get to it and return it easily.
It's available here and at $10.99 the price may be right if you like this type of container.
And someone much more creative than me, made this beautiful one.
Source here complete with a how-to tutorial

I was considering one or two of these racks:

At 7.99 from the US Amazon (here) these are the right price. One
reviewer says "they are good for spices but not much else." I bet they would be perfect for thread spools too. 

Browsing Kijiji a few weeks ago I found an ad for an old Mettler Thread Case and I sent an email.

Here's what I picked up today....


I am so thrilled with it. Now I have a place for all my thread and it will be very visible. I'll know what colours I have and what ones I need for the next $1 sale at Fabricland

The small Guterman fit easily and the bigger ones a bit more awkwardly.
A shot of the entire cabinet

My new cabinet in her new home. If you live in the Hamilton area and would like one,
here is the Kijiji ad I purchased it from. It says $60 each but I talked her down to $20 and she had five left when I was there today....

Also, I am giving away a vintage Burda Magazine a month this year...the February 1979 issue draw is tomorrow.
 See this post for details.

What about you - where do you keep your spools of thread?


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